“A penny saved is worth two pennies earned . . . after taxes.” - Randy Thurman


We take care of your entire accountancy, or we support you if you prefer to do it yourself. You choose the formula, we draw up the balance.

Accountancy Service

  • supervise or manage your bookkeeping,
  • prepare the internal and external annual accounts,
  • prepare all the necessary reports,
  • draw up monthly or quarterly reports,
  • analyse your results and formulate specific tips and advice,
  • draw up financial plans,
  • guide you when starting a new accounting record,
  • assist you with the implementation of accounting packages


We link knowledge and experience on taxes to the opportunities the law has to offer.

We offer fiscal advice on different areas like:

  • Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Taks
  • Advice on calculating your tax prepayments
  • Assistance and advice in the event of a tax audit
  • Submission of objections

Of course we also provide your Tax returns.

Start Up

Do you have a clear overview of what is involved when you start up a new company? Well, we can assure you it is a whole lot. It is too much to illustrate in just a couple of words. But, from experience we can tell you that a good start is mandatory.

To be sure of an accurate, on-time preparation, we can help. We will accompany and assist beginning entrepreneurs during the orientation-, and/or start-up phase. The compilation of a business plan or solely the guidance of this process is our expertise.


From time to time you need a sounding board to evaluate your ideas. We are there to listen to you.  

Together we review carefully the various options to ensure you are in the best position to take the right decision. If necessary, we ask for a second opinion.

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